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As millennials are entering the workforce, Gen-Z is starting to consider their continued education beyond high school. With an average attention span of an estimated 12 seconds, the recruiting methods from even 5 years ago could not hold their interest let alone convert prospective students into quality applicants.

In today’s online space, precision targeting paired with engaging content delivered as a bite-sized narrative is the most efficient and effective method of marketing to today’s youth. Online videos are becoming a majority player in web traffic, and with an estimated 82% of traffic being driven by videos by 2021a, higher education institutions cannot risk falling behind the curve with video marketing. While video consumption habits of today’s teen are already extensive, it’s important to note that any video marketing strategies are only effective when deployed in short “snackable bites".

How does this relate to university and college enrollment? In a 2018 report, 80% of prospective college students listed online video as an influence on their application. a Our research confirms that video targeted to this audience, when done properly, opens a world of opportunity to bring to life the student experience. a Bottom line… today’s prospective students act as the direct result of video engagements within the social media space more than any other generation to date.

Introducing U-SOCIALTM

U-SOCIALTM is Thinking Cap AgencyTM’s newest cutting-edge innovation in higher education marketing. U-SOCIALTM is an advertising and marketing strategy that maximizes the value and impact of video that hits the sweet spot for student enrollment. Using tailor-made, conversion-driven, episodic videos, U-SOCIALTM will bring your campus experience to pinpoint targeted prospective students across several social media platforms.

The U-SOCIALTM platform builds its video solutions to impact all phases of the application/enrollment funnel. Our approach effectively and quickly builds awareness that brings prospective students into your enrollment funnel faster and guides them through each decision toward submitting a completed application.

A Partner Who Understands and Delivers Results

Thinking Cap AgencyTM understands the challenges and unique needs of higher education marketing. U-SOCIALTM capitalizes on Gen-Z’s 24/7 presence on social media to boost enrollment.

Using extensive research and development data, Thinking Cap provides cutting edge higher education marketing for hundreds of universities and colleges nationwide. Our proprietary algorithm effectively reaches prospective students with 1:1 precision targeting across all social and digital channels with little to no wasted investment.

Choose A Full-Service Solution

Thinking Cap’s U-SOCIALTM is a full service, 360 video marketing strategy that uses an episodic storytelling approach to social media marketing to achieve high engagement rates and brand value retention that has been proven to result in conversion for universities and colleges across the US. By tapping into the “other questions” prospective students have about school culture, classrooms, professional opportunities after graduation, and more, U-SOCIALTM brings the campus experience to prospective students in a new and impactful way.

Each video is designed not only to be individually impactful as a stand-alone ad message but also combines into a bigger picture story. From production to execution, U-SOCIALTM is easy to include in any budget, and utilizes the best storytellers, producers, directors, editors, creative and copywriters to show the value of your institution's degree to the right audience with maximum measurable impact.

Get Started Boosting Your Enrollment Today

Start engaging students in an impactful, cost-effective way today. Join the hundreds of universities already partnering with Thinking Cap Agency to garner decision ready applicants with U-SOCIALTM University Short-Form Social Storytelling. Call 1-866-THINK15 to speak with an enrollment marketing specialist today.

aSource: Gen Z Explorer 2019; Cisco's Annual Visual Network Index Forecast; Ruffalo Noel Levitz (2018). 2018 Marketing And Student Recruitment Report Of Effective Practices

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