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With over 20 years of experience, Thinking Cap is
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Engage Prospective Students

In Seconds

Precision targeting paired with engaging content is the most efficient and effective method of marketing to Gen Z. U-SOCIAL™ is a full service approach to social media marketing proven to boost enrollment.

3 Steps For Successful Email

Marketing To Gen Z Students

Are you engaging prospective students through email? Despite conception, email still has real potential. Without a cohesive marketing approach, your institution won’t capture prospective student’s attention.

Data-Driven Marketing.
Proven Results

Thinking Cap Agency has partnered with over 400 universities across the U.S. and has been providing measurable results with industry-leading enrollment marketing strategies for over 20 years. Your institution can share their success when you start a partnership with Thinking Cap Agency.

Why the Thinking Cap
Way Works

Using proprietary research and data-driven initiatives, the higher education marketing experts at Thinking Cap Agency drives measurable results for colleges and universities nationwide. Learn more about how you can boost enrollment by starting a partnership with Thinking Cap.

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With over 20 years of proven methods and measurable results, Thinking Cap Agency will drive engagement among precisely targeted prospective students efficiently and effectively. Contact a higher education marketing expert at Thinking Cap Agency to start boosting enrollment today!

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